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Bosveld Vreugde

Private camp site for bigger groups, school camps up to 30 people,

enclosed in trees.

Tamboti Vreugde

Main resort with chalets, camp site, chapel, conference hall and many more facilities.

Boskraai Vreugde

Private  piece of land with a guest house for families or groups up to 16 people.

With its own wildlife.

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Testing out the new "Lion's Den"

off roader trailer!

4 - 6 November 2016

New custom canopy for camping!

Camping is fun & Custom Canopies will be testing out the new Lion's Den Off Roader Trailer & Canopy from 4 - 6 November on Tamboti Vreugde! Come and see the new trailer for yourself!

Visit Caming is Fun - Website

Visit Custom Canopies - Website

Please contact us on tambotivreugde"gmail.com for more info!

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